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A Year-Long Study Group Leading Up to A Celebratory Conference 🎉

Align with your highest calling. Be part of something exciting. Join us for the 2018/2019 program of our Mind-Body-Spirit Clinician's Network, as we open up conversations about merging our life’s spiritual journey with our life’s healing work.

  • Enrich your Professional Practice with New Tools for Integrative Healing in Mental Health
  • Explore Your Unique Healing Signature in a Loving Community of Professional Peers
  • Study and Meet with Thought Leaders and Innovators in The field of Mind-Body-Spirit Psychotherapy

Your Virtual Study Hall, Book Club and Sangha …. On all Things Psycho-Spiritual in Clinical Counselling

Study Hall opens July, 2018.  Each month, we’ll introduce a MASTERMIND TOPIC related to an area of study in mind-body-spirit psychotherapy. We’ll then delve into our study topic with a monthly book or article recommendation along with group reflection questions for our online discussion board.

Once a month, we meet for mastermind webinars that include a more in-depth group Q and A (often with interviews of  expert teachers in the field), clinical case consultations and peer supervision on best practices in mind-body-spirit psychotherapy.  At the end of our almost year-long study hall, we'll celebrate our learnings together and meet up at a fabulous Toronto Conference on Mind-Body-Spirit Psychotherapy.

The Three Central Questions

In monthly meetings with our teachers (and each other), we’ll be continuously exploring three central questions that guide our Network:

  1. How can we support, uplift and inspire one another in the deep healing work we do for both ourselves and clients who seek holistic mental health approaches to practice?
  2. How do we merge our professional skills, knowledge and expertise in evidence-based interventions with an honouring of the client’s psycho-spiritual journey?
  3. What professional, ethical and practical information do we need to have as we create sacred spaces for our clients which are also safe, effective and healing?

2018/19 Online Webinar MasterMind Topics

July:  Best Practice Guidelines: Merging Evidence-Based with Integrative Psychotherapy

August: What Is Your Healing Signature?

September: Integrative Psychology in Anxiety and Trauma Work

October: Mindfulness, Manifestation and Mysticism

November: Yoga and Mind-Body-Spirit Psychotherapy

January: Shamanic Practices In Psychotherapy

February: Merging Intuition with Outcome Oriented Approaches

March: Miracle Think and Regression Work

April: Breaking The Worry Trance with Soul Medicine in Counselling

May: Energy Medicine In The Counselling Room

June: CELEBRATION TIME!  We'll meet in person at the Toronto Conference

Our Teachers and Guests for monthly webinars include some of our 2019 Toronto Conference faculty along with a super-charged team of movers and shakers in the field of holistic mental health and integrative counselling.

The Format

We meet online each month for coverage of interviews, webinars, and/or case consultations/peer supervision sessions.  Your host for these meetings is Karen Day, President of Daybreak Therapy and Training.

If you cannot attend live-stream discussions, no problem: everything we record is sent to your email in-box for personal viewing according to your own schedule and interest level in any given monthly topic.

If you don't receive a monthly notification with e-link, check your spam or contact us for help -- we want to make sure that everyone who is on board is able to enjoy all the benefits!

Note: The online Clinician's Network takes a break during the month of December.

Meet Us In Study Hall -

Doors Close July 24th at 11:00 p.m. EST

2018 Enrolment is NOW OPEN: Enrolment opens ONLY ONCE PER YEAR, and our virtual study hall doors will close on July 24th, 2018.

How to enrol:

There are two ways to enrol:

1. Simply sign up for our 2019 Toronto Conference: You’ll receive AUTOMATIC REGISTRATION into our Mind-Body-Spirit Clinician's Network when you purchase a ticket for Daybreak’s 2019 Creating Sacred Spaces Conference on or before July 24th.

All you have to do is click on the CONFERENCE REGISTRATION link below, and watch your email box for more details.

Following your ticket purchase, your July article (Best Practice Guidelines for Mind-Body-Spirit Psychotherapy) along with an email invitation for our July webinar will be sent to you.  Please contact us if you don't receive this.



2. Can't make it to the Toronto Conference?  You can also register into the Mind-Body-Spirit Clinician's Network when you purchase a yearly membership here


See you inside -- we'll be waiting with a whole lotta love!