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Certification Training & Small Group Intensive

Through Daybreak’s unique clinical hypnosis training program, you will develop greater insight, confidence and skill as a trauma-focused Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist (C.Hyp™) Practitioner.  This specialized small group online intensive gives you everything that’s included in the Daybreak Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy certification program, with a more in-depth focus on trauma work.  The curriculum has been specifically designed for Psychotherapy professionals who specialize in trauma work.


Program Details

Small Group Intensive - Summer Training Program

August 22nd-26th, 2019
Online Intensive - Summer Session

This program provides the Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist (C.Hyp)™ certificate training, with 100 hours of CE credit recognition given by various counselling organizations, including the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA). This training is specifically for mental health and counselling professionals who are interested in the clinical application of hypnosis in their trauma counselling practices. 


What Your Course Includes


Upon completion of the Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy (C.Hyp™) certification and training program, you will have everything you need to bring the art and practice of clinical hypnotherapy into the transformational trauma work you do with clients and patients.


You will learn how to:

  • Integrate classical and clinical approaches to hypnosis in your medical or counselling practice.
  • Incorporate Ericksonian and holistic trance methodology into Psychotherapy, motivational counselling and/or patient advising
  • Combine hypnosis with trauma-informed interventions, including: Trauma-Focused CBT, ACT and DBT.  Additional e-modules on the integration of clinical hypnosis with EMDR and ego state therapy are also available to clinicians who may be trained in these practices.
  • Teach clients Trance Based Mindfulness Interventions (TBMI) as they work toward post-traumatic recovery and thriving.
  • Effectively utilize trance-work in body-oriented psychotherapy approaches, especially in the context of trauma processing and recovery.
  • Assist clients in accessing their “inner therapist” through a range of depth-contemplation techniques including: age regression, core belief work and Ego State interventions.
  • Apply hypnotic protocols for anxiety, panic and OCD symptoms from a trauma-informed perspective.
  • Offer clients and patients trauma-based and phase-oriented programming for pain management.
  • Blend clinical hypnosis with integrative healing for habit reversal,  relapse prevention, and health/recovery maintenance vis-a-vis issues of complex trauma.

Achievements Upon Program Completion

  • Certification and designation of C.Hyp™ (Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist)
  • 100 Hour clinical hypnosis training certification program, approved by the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) and other Professional organizations.
  • Lifetime access to “Breaking the Worry Trance” – an online professional training program
  • Lifetime access to "Advanced Clinical Hypnosis In Psychotherapy" - additional online professional training
  • Detailed programming guidelines for regression work; trauma processing; and fears and phobias
  • Case studies and sample scripts for psychotherapeutic trance-work with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), panic, and pain management
  • Lifetime access to e-library complete with audio and video resources, protocols, forms, and marketing information
  • Listing on Daybreak directory of Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapists
  • Two 1:1 clinical consultations (1 hour consult calls) and ongoing bi-monthly peer supervision webinars, following program completion
  • Access to a 1-800 number for clinical consultation and ongoing support


What Makes This Program Unique

Clinical Focus

This program is highly specialized in its focus on the integration of clinical hypnotherapy into trauma-informed psychotherapy. The program is exclusive to trained and regulated (or registered) mental health professionals.  To ensure that your unique clinical perspectives and challenges are addressed, no more than 50 students are accepted at any given time.  As part of your certification, you're guaranteed a minimum of two in-depth 1:1 clinical case consultations with a Daybreak clinical supervisor, to help you proceed confidently as a Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist (C.Hyp™) Practitioner.

Karen Day on set Practice, Practice, Practice

You’ll be practicing hypnotic inductions on Day 1, refining your trance work tool-kit by Day 3, and completing field work and your own case studies (for supervisory and peer feedback) after Day 4. The course is open to mental health professionals with no previous experience in hypnosis, but has also been designed to complement beginner and intermediate training that you may have taken elsewhere. If you already have some experience with hypnotherapy, you’ll find this Program to be precisely what you need in “putting it all together.”

Self-Paced Distance Learning Program 

All of the interactive classes are delivered via five days of live-online class sessions (August 22nd-26th, 2019) that can be streamed live or watched “on demand” after each daily recording is complete. If your schedule doesn’t allow for joining in online class discussion during live streaming - no problem.  Your video class-room content is recorded for you to keep and watch for as long as you like.

The schedule for this program is as follows:

Phase 1: August 22nd-26th, 2019: During this five day online intensive, we meet from 1:00 pm. – 5:30 p.m. Eastern/Toronto time.

You’ll receive 4-6 hours of content each day during this live streaming week.  You can join in online OR watch the class videos according to a self-paced schedule that works best for you.

Phase 2: of the training is self-directed, as you will watch pre-recorded advanced intervention training videos, and complete three case studies for submission before December 1st,  2019.   Although we allow over 3 full months for program completion, most students complete the certification within 4-6 weeks.  Extensions for program completion are given in extenuating circumstances.

Phase 3: of the training consists of two 1:1 phone-based clinical supervisions (mandatory), and bi-monthly online peer consultations (voluntary).

Lifetime Membership in a Professional Development Network

We believe in and practice a life-long learning approach, ESPECIALLY when it comes to the application of depth work into your psychotherapy practice.  You will also have the option of joining in ongoing, bi-monthly online group consultations and seminars for your continual professional development. These webinar-based meetings will be pre-recorded (so that if you cannot participate live, you'll always have access to the recordings).  Many of our students have been active in these online group consultations/peer supervision sessions for many years -- it's the way we all collectively develop and maintain our knowledge and expertise as Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapists.


Professional Feedback

Over 90% of Daybreak students rate this training program as "excellent."  Below is an excerpt of some qualitative feedback we have recently received from graduates:

"This was the best hypnotherapy training that I have ever taken. The course content was detailed, practical and experiential. Another excellent aspect of this program is the ongoing support and monthly case presentations, which is a vital aspect for ongoing support, professional growth and connection with others who incorporate hypnotherapy in their practice."
Stephanie Fedak, Reg.Psych, C.Hyp / Saskatchewan

"The course is very well researched and the techniques and information that you will learn are very useful in clinical practice. The instructor explains with great detail what you need to know to master these skills."


Ruben Escotto, RSW, RP, C.Hyp / Toronto

Linda York“I highly recommend this professional training, and I look very forward to attending other Daybreak courses  in the future! A lot of energy and passion have been put into the whole student experience."  


Linda York, RSW, C.Hyp / Windsor, Ontario

Cindy Stone"I was extremely impressed with this training intensive course on Clinical Hypnotherapy. Following the certification hours, I have been able to gain expert clinical consultation with my most fascinating and challenging cases.  I am proud to say I always become a much better therapist after this program.”


Cindy Stone, RP, C.Hyp / Belleville, Ontario

Kali Munro"The hypnotherapy training was exceptional and deeply healing - among the best I have ever done. The instructor had a way of tuning in to each participant and offering something meaningful to everyone."


Kali Munro, RP, C.Hyp / Toronto

About Your Lead Instructor

Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy Webinar TrainingKaren Day is a Master’s trained Registered Social Worker specializing in holistic psychotherapy and integrative approaches to mental health. She is the President of Daybreak Therapy and Training, and has over twenty-five years of combined experience in the provision of mental health services, crisis and trauma counselling, and clinical social work practice, teaching and supervision.

Karen is Past-President of the Canadian Society of Clinical Hypnosis – Ontario Division, and continues to teach clinical hypnosis to mental health professionals in the Toronto area through the Society and as adjunct faculty with the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine.  

In addition, she has both received and provided extensive training internationally in the areas of clinical hypnotherapy, mindfulness-based approaches to psychotherapy, energy medicine, and Ericksonian-based psychotherapy.  

The Fine Print Stuff

Always read the fine print before you buy anything!  Just to make it easy, we put our fine print stuff into regular font 

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations made with a minimum of two weeks notice (prior to start of training), the cost of training will be refunded, minus a $150 processing and administrative fee.  For less than two weeks cancellation notice, an invitation to attend any other program training at an alternate time/date will be offered for no additional fee (but no cash refund will be given in these cases).  Please be advised that there are no exceptions for any reason to this cancellation policy.


You must be a regulated or registered mental health professional, trained in clinical counselling and legally permitted to practice psychotherapy or clinical counselling in your region.


$750 CAD One time fee
  • Use of C.Hyp™ / Clinical Counselling Hynotherapist Practitioner
  • Certificate of completion and 100 CE hours
  • Course E-Handbook and Best Practice electronic hand-outs
  • Programming Guidelines for regression work, trauma processing, fears and phobias, and more
  • Lifetime access to “Breaking the Worry Trance” online program
  • Lifetime access to “Advanced Clinical Hypnosis in Psychotherapy” online program
  • Lifetime access to e-library of all classes, modules, hand-outs and scripts
  • Case studies and sample scripts for trance-work with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), panic, and pain management
  • Listing on Daybreak directory of Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapists
  • Two 1:1 clinical consultations (1 hour consult calls) and ongoing bi-monthly peer supervision webinars
  • Access to a 1-800 number for clinical consultation and ongoing support